The picture on the left was taken from the top of Thunderbolt Pass (12,360 ft+). This pass is about 2.5 miles southeast of Bishop Pass. The largest of the Barrett Lakes is visible below. This pass (an easier but longer alternative is Knapsack pass) along with Potluck and Cirque Passes allows one to travel just under the Sierra crest from Bishop Pass to the Pallisade lakes. This route is part of Steve Roper's "High Route"

The picture in the center is on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and was taken on September 30, 2004. I am standing next to my long time backpacking partner, Donald Short. More Kilimanjaro pictures can be viewed at: Kilimanjaro Pictures

The picture on the right is from the top of Kala Patthar and was taken October 13, 201. Mt. Evereest is the pyamidal peak in the background. I am standing next to my son, Richard Lilly. More pictures from my trip to Nepal can be found at Everest Base Camp Trek Pictures.